Mosaic Core

I desire to partner with Mosaic and grow as one who is…
Proclaiming ‘Jesus is Lord’
Seeking unity within Mosaic
Serving with my gifts
Investing relationally
Sharing my resources



a community following Jesus in practicing rhythms of grace.


to come together as a people unencumbered by the cultural and religious expectations of our time, instead, we will focus on receiving and extending the grace of God.


to cultivate safe spaces within our church family, our neighborhoods and our shared networks where people can lean into each other’s stories and experience the restoration of Jesus together.


as we go, we will listen, learn and recognize what God’s Spirit is doing among us, living out our shared and individual callings one step at a time.


Ways to embody the life of Mosaic Core can include…*

*No one can do all these, but we all can do a few. Collectively, God will work through us.


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