receiving and extending the grace of God.

This Week

Mosaic @ Lincoln High 10:00am

Mosaic @ City Impact: 10am

Who we are

Mosaic Lincoln is a community following Jesus in practicing rhythms of grace to bring renewal to a weary and burdened world. Our desire is to come together as a people unencumbered by the cultural and religious expectations of our time. Instead, we will focus on receiving and extending the grace of God. Our hope is to work together to cultivate safe spaces within our church family, our neighborhoods and our shared networks where people can lean into each other’s stories and experience the restoration of Jesus together.

No matter where your story has taken you thus far, our prayer is that Mosaic can be a place where you intersect the grace and love that Jesus offers- not through coercion, judgement or guilt, but through honest dialogue and genuine kindness.

As a local church, we receive what has been handed down to us by Christians throughout the centuries. The earliest 3-word confession of early Christians, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ is our confession today and the summation of our beliefs can be found in the Apostle’s Creed and Nicene Creed.

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  • Libby Rosengren


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  • Lindsay Ailor

    Mosaic Administrator

  • Daniel Giesbrecht

    Directional Team

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    Directional Team

Sunday Gatherings

Mosaic gatherings are designed to be personal, engaging, inspiring, honest and life-giving. Our goal is to create a space where you can come as you are and encounter God’s grace, where you can be challenged by the scriptures and encouraged by friends; a place where you feel comfortable inviting others who many not believe as you do.

You can expect a casual atmosphere, live music, and challenging messages that are rooted in scripture and relevant to your life. You’ll also meet real people on a journey of not just knowing God, but loving our city in radical ways.

“Mosaic is a place where you can belong before you believe.”

Locations + Times



1035 N 33RD ST

Sundays @ 10:00am

children from birth - 5th grade.



One of the primary elements of our weekly worship gatherings is exploring the scriptures. Together as a community of faith we seek to faithfully interpret and apply these ancient texts to the realities of twenty-first century life. We do this because we believe God is alive, that his word is timeless and that he is still in the business of redeeming the broken and changing the world.

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Get Connected

No matter what your story, welcome! Welcome to a community where it’s okay to not be sure about church or even about God, where it’s safe to ask questions.

The best way to keep up with Mosaic news is to download the Mosaic app, sign up for our email list, and to follow us:

If you’ve recently filled out a Connection Card at a Mosaic gathering, check your email for a response (spam and promo folders, too). If you haven’t received anything, please let us know.


“We invite you to connect here, to serve here, to belong here.”

If you’re being called to say ‘yes’ to all God is doing here at Mosaic and in the neighborhoods, spaces and relationships we inhabit, please let us know by affirming your place in the Mosaic Core. We want to work together as a unified family to help each of us respond to the call on our lives.

Give Online

Thank you for considering investing in Mosaic. At Mosaic gatherings you’ll hear us say that giving is for those who consider themselves part of the Mosaic community. If you’re just checking us out, please feel free to keep your wallet in your pocket.

If Mosaic is your place, please know that your gift is an investment in people who have yet to discover the life available in Christ. It is also a trust. We commit to use your money modestly and wisely to serve our city and to support other churches on similar missions.

“A community of Christ-followers should be marked by contagious generosity.”

Mosaic Kids

Mosaic Kids is an exciting, safe and lively environment where children can discover and experience God’s love. Our awesome Mosaic Kids team provides learning experiences filled with music, games, crafts and relevant messages that will stick with children through the week. Our goal is to make sure each child feels loved and discovers God’s love.

Please check our locations for the specific Mosaic Kids ages and times. All of our volunteers are screened and trained, and we provide a secure check-in system. To connect, please email

“What if ‘church’ could be your kids’ favorite place?”